February 3, 2009

25 Pieces You May (or May Not) Need to Know About Me.

  1. 1. I hate diamond Shreddies with a passion, and I pray to the sweet Kellogg's gods that they stop this ridiculousness SOON! However, I love square Shreddies.
    2. I hate it when teachers make you stand up and introduce yourself to the class. At this time of my life, I refuse to do this anymore, and have said more than once "For the people who know me - hello. For those who don't, too bad".
    3. I love Disney with every ounce of my soul and would sell my soul to Disney for its love in return.
    4. I love that I'm 5'7", and a bit taller than most girls, but I still feel sad that I'm ONLY 5'7".
    5. I love meat and am a carnivore in the worst way. You couldn't even pay me enough money to not eat meat.
    6. I love dinosaurs and the Jurassic Park movies, and I really feel I would make an awesome raptor...
    7. Sometimes when I'm working on a patient, I have a moment of pure terror when I realize how close I am to the patient, and that my hands/fingers/etc are in their mouths...
    8. I spend most of my days at work lip-synching under my mask.
    9. I haaate people who disrespect the English language by using poor grammar and spelling improperly.
    10. I am working on developing a task force that will be known as the "Grammar Police". Violators will be prosecuted - or beaten - or both! :)
    11. Some days, I wake up and I am truly convinced I can speak fluent Spanish. I'm always disappointed when I call my Mom to test it out... it never works.
    12. I wish that my parents had forced me to do many things as a child: learn Spanish, play team sports, learn to play the piano - properly. *sigh*
    13. I love environmentalism and being green. I get warm, fuzzy feelings when I recycle.
    14. I've always had a talent for doing harmony - my sisters used this to their advantage when we sang, as a result, I was almost always the back-up singer.
    15. I strongly dislike being told what to do. If you tell me what to do, I will try my hardest not to. 16. I apologize way too often when it's unnecessary, and don't apologize enough when it's actually needed.
    17. When I look at pictures of spiders ( I don't know why I do it, but whatever!), I get full-on-heeby-jeeby-shiver-me-timbers-shakes...
    18. I play with my earrings when I'm uncomfortable with a situation/person.
    19. I'd love to be a successful artist one day, but I don't paint often enough to accomplish my dream.
    20. I'm terrified of birds.
    21. I love nutella too much that I don't buy it, so it isn't in my house, tempting and taunting me.
    22. If I'm in my bathroom in front of my mirror, or in front of a doorway, I close the door because I'm afraid of seeing something go by...
    23. At some point in my life, I want to go see great white sharks up close, hopefully in a shark cage - or just on a boat!
    24. I still have my Christmas decorations up. :o
    25. I love sparkles something fierce!

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